Dear Journal, 


I have returned from my 5 week stay in Puerto Rico, and it was a wonderful experience indeed. I savored my peace and solitude in the rural campos of Mayagüez, where I lived and developed my new collage series. Surrounded by lush jungles, I recored this sound of the night, which I encourage you to play while your eyes are closed for a unique listening expeirence. 

Oh, the smell of it

Dear Journal, 


It's been a while. As you know, lately I have been consumed in my studio with drawing and writing for mujeres. As I draw each female figure, a poem I heard still lingers in my head – and now I would like to share it with you.

She was a fever from which I will never recover.

All heat and hunger, she inflamed my senses.

And when she had devoured my very soul – when I had nothing left to surrender,

she abandoned me to the wreckage of myself, and smiled. 

In kingdom of passion and ruler, is obsession, Calvin Klein's obsession.

Oh, the smell of it. 



Mrs. Potato Head

Dear Journal, 


It's Jiménez again. There's this woman I have been thinking about lately. Her name is Mrs. Potato Head. I have been thinking about her for a while now and I feared I may have been entering the realm of obession so I thought it would be a good idea to bring her to life on paper, and in a way  realize what  had been on my mind.

As I drew her round body I quickly began to understand something – I was not drawing Mrs. Potato Head, but instead a self-portrait. For what is Mrs. Potato Head if not an archetype for oneself. The way she so casually swaps body parts to become a different person, or the many accessories she is equipped with that can be manipluated. Yet underneath it all remained an ordinary, brown, lumpy potato. 



Dear Journal, 


It's me, Jiménez. This is my first blog, and I plan on using this space to share some of my most sincere thoughts about my work and life as an artist.

until next time...